Quality Assurance

Our organization’s mission is to provide the highest quality services and personnel utilizing innovative technologies and processes at a reasonable cost to our customers. Customer service is MCT’s #1 priority, but we also believe that the way we treat our employees is of equal importance. Our company goal is to make a positive impact on our customers, employees and community.

We strive to accomplish our mission while adhering to our organizations Core Values, which are:

Integrity - We train our employees to hold to the highest standard of ethical and professional conduct. Our policies, procedures, and practices center on the importance of the way we deliver our products and services.

Commitment – We truly partner with our customers for their success and take ownership of our work. MCT is constantly adding new processes, streamlining existing practices, and turning our experiences into BEST practices to meet the challenges of our business. High customer satisfaction is not a goal; it is the minimum expectation at MCT.

Quality - We have a very high standard of conduct as well as technical excellence on all of our contracts. MCT works closely with our customers to fully understand and take ownership of all business, technical, and contract requirements.

Innovation - We strive to provide innovation through technology solutions. MCT develops prototypes, provides business/cost analysis, and innovative staffing programs to give our customers the level of service they deserve.

Results - We work to provide fair & accurate assessments, early and on-schedule delivery, and innovative technologies that surpass our customers’ expectations.

Value - We always provide fair costs to our customers as we work to bring a higher standard to all our contracts and services.

Quality and Value without Compromise” means that MCT will always strive to improve and sustain our performance standards always delivering more than our customers expect. Our customers receive a total commitment from our organization and especially the outstanding employees who deliver our services.