Mission Critical Technologies, Inc. provides high quality and highly skilled technical, scientific, professional and administrative personnel in a number of disciplines to meet our customers' needs in the defense, federal, local government and industry sectors. MCT is not a recruitment company, but we have developed a unique methodology and are able to offer this service to our customers as a value added resource. We have developed Best Practices in our recruitment methodology that includes a QA escalation for large 'ramp-ups' on personnel requirements and a proprietary software system to manage personnel and the recruitment process.

Desktop/Help Desk Solutions

Since its inception, MCT has provided an array of help desk, desktop computing, and training and support services to our customers. MCT is a Microsoft Certified Partner and supplies certified network engineers, software engineers and technicians to improve and optimize our customers' networks, software systems and hardware. MCT provides full hardware installation and configuration, develops training plans for migrating user groups, and assists our customers as they upgrade their hardware, networks and software systems. MCT has serviced customers from some of Southern California’s largest companies through multiple migrations and upgrades. In addition, we have organized and managed help desk functions, provided network administrators, specialized technicians and software specialists for an array of products such as UNIX, Linux, AS-400, Novell, Microsoft, PeopleSoft and Oracle. Furthermore, we have managed security, data center operations, remote access setup and management, standardized installation platforms and user environments as well as the regular upgrades and migrations in all these areas. We have excelled at developing innovative ideas to manage all aspects of our customers' desktop computing challenges.

Technical Documentation, Curriculum Development and Training

Mission Critical Technologies, Inc. has in-house expertise to develop technical documentation, training materials, courses and curricula, as well as specialists that can deliver the training in a corporate classroom setting or online. We have the ability to develop e-courses and a variety of web-based training materials. We have delivered complete documentation and training solutions, from change management to classroom delivery, customized for the different types of employees of an organization with training materials accordingly adapted. We have developed a state of the art, virtual reality training course in Mathematics for the Department of Education and we also provide training materials and delivery for standard industry applications. We have become experts in customer proprietary systems and, subsequently, we develop all technical documentation and training materials, as necessary. We possess an arsenal of tools for quick and efficient development of training materials, ranging from presentation templates for summary handouts to full-blown, SCORM-compliant course and QTI-Compliant test creator software. MCT manages training for several large Corporate Universities and can provide staff for organizations that require outsourcing or support.

Software and System Development

Mission Critical Technologies, Inc. is unique in that we not only provide qualified technical personnel to perform work under customer direction, but we can provide complete software solutions to our customers, managed by our technology division. We have the ability to analyze and gather system requirements, dynamically adapt to changing requirements via a well managed "Requirements Change Order" process, design, code, test, and implement software applications and systems ranging from small/departmental to large/enterprise-wide solutions. We have expertise in a variety of platforms and software technologies, and we have successfully implemented over two hundred such systems in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, e-commerce, education, entertainment, food, manufacturing, and the local and federal governments. Our solutions team can perform the work at the customer site or at our facilities, with customer interface as appropriate.

Business Services and Processes

  • Proven Management Experience
    • Successfully Managed Cost Plus Contracts (ISRDS and CSRDS) at NASA Ames Research Center
    • Manage contracts across the US
  • Small Company with Quick Turnaround Time
  • Excellent Employee Retention (95%)
    • Competitive Benefits and Compensation Packages
  • Passed 2 DCAA Audits
    • SAIC (SPAWAR NAVY Contract)
    • CSC (ISAS Contract)
  • DelTek Timekeeping System
  • Regular Timecard Audits
  • Accurate and Timely Billing
  • Top Secret Facility Clearance
    • Ability to clear Top Secret Personnel