About Our CEO

Beata Stylianos

“I appreciate variety and actively seek new ways to accomplish a problem. When co-workers or clients bring me challenges, they know I’ll help them find new opportunities.”

Growing up in Chicago in a Polish family of first generation immigrants, including entrepreneurs, medical doctors and nurses, Beata’s family contributed to supporting the Solidarity movement in Poland through their business enterprise. This taught Beata at an early age, the power of business to support great social change, and to this day she continues this entrepreneurial legacy.

Beata has a proven track record in Government Relations and Business Management after earning her BA in International Politics and Business from Boston University. It was there she learned the value of teamwork while rowing on the Charles River. While attending the University of Grenoble, she honed her legislative and policy skills in Washington DC during the Bill Clinton Administration, focusing on diplomacy and legislature.

Mission Critical Technologies, Inc. (MCT) a successful talent acquisition firm originally co-founded by her late husband, Yorgos is a certified WOSB Science and Technology company, for which Beata has been an integral part of since 2002. Yorgos was instrumental in teaching Beata the value of technology and how it helps drives business. Beata’s passion for healthcare innovation was further fueled by a personal diagnosis of Hashimoto disease.

In 2012, armed with her in-depth knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of Government and Project Management experience and combined with her passion for healthcare, science, research and technology, Beata was named CEO of MCT.

Through her professional leadership and personal commitment, Beata has adopted and implemented socially and environmentally responsible processes to assure MCT is conscientiously effective, efficient and economical regarding its employees, customers, clients and community by making responsible industry choices, adopting right practices, and supporting good corporate stewardship.

She has also funded scholarships for the Institute of California Technology (Cal-Tech) through the Physics Department. The first recipient, Christopher Rogan, contributed to the Large Hadron Particle Collider in Cern, Switzerland via his experiment in CMS. He was named as one of “30 Under 30: Science” in Forbes 500, which lists the top 30 scientists under the age of 30 to watch.

In addition, she has secured and prepared for marketing, proprietary, groundbreaking and innovative cryptography, steganography, and spintronics solutions, which were developed through an MCT R&D initiative.

Besides being a member of Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), a global, cause-based, not-for-profit organization focused on better help through information technology. She is a devoted philanthropist and holds membership in several women and technology organizations and was recently accepted to the Goldman Sachs Program for 10,000 Small Businesses. Recently, Beata was invited to attend the White House Summit on Working Families in Washington, D.C. Attendees included President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Maria Shriver, Valerie Jarrett, policy experts, leaders from business and academia, legislators, advocates, employees, local elected officials and interested individuals.

MCT was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit, which is vital as MCT continues to solve groundbreaking technology challenges within the healthcare, government and commercial industries by providing superior solutions and the most agile and engaged talent.

About MCT

Established in 1993, MCT is a women-owned business headquartered in Los Angeles, California. MCT began during the rise of the Information Age as an IT consulting business, supplying services that included network implementation and deployment for small businesses and software design as well as implementation for both small and large businesses. Initially, these services were to companies in the commercial sector, but within a few years, MCT was providing services to locally and globally recognized commercial and entertainment companies. MCT’s consulting services prospered to include training, e-learning, documentation, and project management, as well as becoming a Microsoft Certified Partner.

The beginning of the new century heralded MCT’s venture into the government sector, where MCT won a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to develop virtual reality education software. E-learning software was also developed for high profile government contracts.

Along with commercial and government contracts, MCT continues to expand within the healthcare sector, which has become a hybrid commercial-government endeavor. MCT’s operations and client relations processes continue to influence MCT’s experience with its healthcare partners.

Our reputation for integrity, efficiency and quality is important as we continue to provide quality project support to our valued clients. Our top-tier scientific and engineering resources bring innovative, yet practical and cost effective IT solutions to fulfill our clients’ most pressing needs. Our unique combination of public and private sector consistently places us at the forefront of enterprise and technological challenges.

MCT also has world-class expertise in Artificial Intelligence: a highly successful branch of computer science with a wide range of applications in research, development and technology.

MCT continues to evolve during this dynamic technological age and is committed to building customized technology solutions to empower its clients to achieve their vision for the future.


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